Tesla Service Centers

Tesla and its cars have seen a dramatic increase in their sales and profit. But it is not about how they have seen growth as a company; it is about how they have seemed to make a connection with people of across the globe. They have convinced many people on why their cars should be the first choice for you, if you want the convenience of a luxury car, but still do your bit for the earth. They have managed to cut down costs for their consumers through several of ways. They may be considered as infants of the car manufacturing industry, but they have managed to gather a loyal fan base and leave a mark in the car manufacturing industry.

In this article, you will learn about what Tesla stands for, and what they advocate. You will also learn about the advantages the Tesla Service Center has over other regular service centers. This is not all, you will also learn about the different Tesla Auto body collision repair services that can be availed in the service centers.

What is Tesla?

We know the basics that Tesla is a motor company that manufactures electric cars. What is less known about Tesla is that they are here to advocate a mission. The mission is for the conservation of the environment. With the increase in number of cars on roads, the level of air pollution is on the rise.

Conventional cars release many pollutants into the environment, namely-

Carbon Monoxide (CO)
When inhaled by humans in large amounts may lead to death.

Many different types of hydrocarbons
Large amounts of hydrocarbons help to trap the radiations from the Sun and not let is escape.

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
They cause bubbles to form in the blood

Particulate matter
When inhaled in excess in a continuous manner, they will cause sclerosis and fibrosis of the lungs.

All of these exhaust matter, not only affects the Earth, but they also pose harm to human health.

Tesla is doing what is can by advocating the use of electric vehicles. Tesla builds all-electric vehicles that run on clean solar energy, to help preserve the earth for our future.

With all this being said, Tesla is far from perfect. A whole room full of improvement is needed for Tesla to actually become as perfect as they their vision.

Speed Breakers

Many Tesla users have joked that they have paid to test out the beta version of the different Tesla car models. With many difficulties faced by them, right from the jammed steering wheel to the constant rattling. Many consumers though totally dig the concept of preserving the environment but find many things rather unsettling.

  • Highly pricy repairs
    Many people expect that with an expensive car, they would be saving money in the long run, but Tesla cars have proved to be rather expensive in that department. You would have to fork up quite a bit if your insurance does not cover up your damage. You would have think a lot before thinking about replacing parts of Tesla.
  • Tires problems
    Model 3 owners have an issue with the all-terrain tires that are part of the Tesla car that they own. Tesla Owners want more performance-oriented tires. They have this belief that the all-terrain tires should be an item that a customer purchases if he required it.
  • Battery problems
    The Tesla Batteries have a hard time running when the temperatures drop. Your car would have trouble accelerating in the cold air, and would not regenerate as quickly as it typically would.
  • Repair waiting time
    If your car has been in a wreck or an accident, then it would take months before Tesla Service center gets round to repair your car. This waiting period becomes rather frustrating and some even called it mental torture. With very few service centers around and too many cars on the road, the waiting time is impossibly long.

Some insurance companies even ask for a higher premium for motor insurance on Tesla cars. It seems that the problem the Tesla faces is actually in the delivery of parts for the damage. Cars would only need a simple repair, but it would be stalled for weeks due the parts not being available on-site at the service centers.

These are the few roadblocks that Tesla should keep in mind. Apart from this, there is another thing that should be taken care of, as their customer service. Many people have complained about the rather stereotypical customer care that they receive. It takes them days to get hold of the correct person to talk to. Well, these are some things that Tesla would need to keep in mind.

To overcome problems, Tesla has proposed a few solutions. Tesla Auto body collision repair has addressed the repair service challenges by doubling its service center capacity in the following years. Also to meet up with the high demands of consumers and customers, Tesla is opening several in-house body shops which would help to reduce the time taken for the vehicles to be repaired. With the introduction of the in house body shops, the waiting time for you to repair your Tesla car would reduce from months to days.

Another thing that can be done by Tesla is actually to manufacture cars that are more affordable. They are moving forward to producing technology that would help them to make electric cars even more affordable.

Tesla is working with its engineers and scientist to make the battery work better. With the development of ultra capacitors, the battery is able to provide a faster acceleration for the cars and reduce the downtime. The battery that has been developed is said to be cheaper, faster and long-lasting in its works.

In the condition that earth is in, we need to step up our game and help improve on the conditions of the earth. Using this clean energy might be the answer. Electric vehicles depend on electricity and can be made by using solar energy. All of this is a way to help prevent air pollution.