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Spray Applied Foam Roof Systems have been used for over 45 years. 
      This system has proved ideal for commercial and residential applications.


No Seams

There are no seams or laps where leaks often develop.


This system weighs approximately 100 pounds per square feet.  Other roof systems can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds.

Excessive weight can cause the structural integrity of a roof system to fail - especially under excessive ponding water conditions.

Energy Efficient

The thermal insulation - SPF has the best insulating properties available.


A recoat is all you need - approximately every 7 to 10 years.  You can apply it yourself using an approved elastomeric coating,

 or you can have it done at a minimal cost.  If professionally done by us - the warranty can be extended for up to ten additional years.



       This roof sytstem is a monolithic, seamless application that adhere to all angles and surfaces.  It also can be sprayed on ceilings and walls.  This roof

 is perfect for waterproofing needs.  The foam acts as a barrier preventing  moisture from seeping into the building.  Water ponding is a well known

      problem on a majority of roofs and can be eliminated by building up low areas to help alleviate ponding water. This system has an R-Value of 7.14 per inch

 thickness.  Thus providing more thermal resistance.  Because the insulation is such an asset - it will produce savings on your electric bills of 30% or more!

You will end up having the roof not only paying for itself but producing dividends!