How To Choose A Type Of Shingle Roof For Your Home?

When people build homes or buy a new one, the aesthetic appeal of the home from outside always includes the right roofing solution. The proper roofing solution for the house can ensure long-lasting protection against heat, cold, rain and all kinds of weather effects. But there are so many types of roofing solutions that are available and it becomes difficult to choose based on the cost, design, colour, durability, etc. But the most common solution people arrive at other than metal roofs are shingles. So, for people looking for a shingle roof replacement or a new shingle roof installation, it is necessary to know the types of shingle roofs and their properties for choosing the right kind.

Why people prefer shingle roofs over other roofing solutions?

Shingles are generally cheaper and very durable. With a life of almost 50 years, shingles do not require much spending once laid. The installation process for a shingle roof is very simple and also, they come in a variety of material choices, patterns and colours. Shingles are usually made of good insulators and thus keep the temperature inside the house regulated. Shingle roof repair is also very easy and does not cost much when compared to metal roofs. In case of heavy damage, the damaged sections can be changed separately and laid out again.

Types of Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt is the most common material for people who prefer shingle roofs. Due to its cheap cost, easy installation and low maintenance requirements, Asphalt is widely used for roofing. As it is very common, finding an Asphalt shingle roof replacement contractor is very easy. There are different forms of asphalt shingles and the cost depends on the durability and longevity of the shingles.

Slate shingles

Slate shingles are made of natural stone and thus are very durable and can last more than 50 years. Owing to its weight to the natural stone, slate shingles can be expensive, but provide a very good aesthetic value to the house. In case of damage, Slate shingle roof replacement can be difficult as finding the same pattern and stone colour is very difficult. As slate shingles are not very common, it is difficult to find contractors with experience working with it. Another good option to save a little money would be to use synthetic slate shingles which are a little cheaper than natural stone.

Tile shingles

Tile shingles are the most expensive type of shingled roofs. The high overall cost is owed to both the cost of the tiles and also the huge installation cost. But they are the most durable of the shingled roofs and can last over 80 years. In the long run, the cost of maintenance is very low. As for Tile Shingle roof repair in case of damaged tiles, it is fairly easy to find a replacement tile and install it. There are also a variety of designs and shapes available with tile shingles. There is also variety present in the material choices for tile shingle roofs and the weight, cost of the tile and installation cost depending on the type of tile used.

Wooden shingles

These are the oldest form of shingles used for roofing. They provide good insulation towards heat and cold but the major problem is that they are not fire resistant. Wooden shingles have average costs and are durable. They provide a very good appeal to the house and bring out its aesthetic value. With proper maintenance, this type of roof can last up 50 years. For adding fire resistant to the roof, using simulated wood shingles made of recycled plastic and cardboard can be used but it comes at an additional cost. Wooden Shingle roof repair and maintenance is easy and cheap and almost all contractors can work on them.

Metal shingles

Generally, metallic roofing sheets can be used to cover the roofs to protect against weather-related effects. While the sheets are durable, they are not resistant to rust and also can be easily dented by heavy rain and hail. They also produce a lot of sound during rains. So, using metal shingles on top of the roof to protect the inner wooden roofing is a popular method in use. While metal shingle roof repair is quite easy, the cost of the initial instalment is a bit more than asphalt. Metal shingles can also be used for roofing directly and they are very protective against leaks and damage. They last to about 50 to a hundred years with proper maintenance. The cost and durability depend on the choice of material. The choice of metal roofs offers various varieties in the colour, texture and appeal of the tiles to homeowners.

What are the characteristics used to judge a roof shingle?

Just knowing the properties of different types of roof shingles is not enough to decide on the one to use for your house. So, understanding how to access them will be crucial for the process.
1. Durability – The durability of the roof is one of the important factors that people need to look into while looking into shingle roof replacement.
2. Longevity – The ability of the material to last long without requiring much budget for repair and replacement is important.
3. Maintenance costs – In addition to the cost of Shingle roof repair or replacement, the other occasional costs involving the painting of important coatings to keep mold, insects and prevent material degradation are also to be included in the long run.
4. Initial costs – The cost of the initial installation process and the cost of the shingles are influenced by the other properties of the tiles and thus choosing a material and style can limit the options available in the cost front.
5. Aesthetic appeal – The looks and appeal of a shingle roof are what some people seek when using shingles. So, buying the right kind to suit the wall type and colour is important.
While looking for a good contractor for installing shingle roofs, it is important to consider all the above-mentioned factors and then choose a type of roof. Only choose the contractor if they also provide Shingle roof repair, shingle roof replacement and maintenance services.